The Big Quiz Returns

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions-

Entry Information

How much does the Big Quiz cost?
£5 per person. Teams of between 4-8 people. If you do not have a team let us know and we will try to group people together to form a team.

Do I need to Book to attend?
It is strongly advised. We are always very near capacity and demand may well exceed availability. We can house a maximum of 15 teams of 8.

Teams need to be booked in advance to ensure tables can be laid and the correct number of answer sheets printed. We will have booking details on the day so no need to bring any receipts.

Do you let in latecomers?
We do indeed but your team may suffer!!

What time should I arrive?
Doors Open at 6-30pm. There will be a small brainteaser to complete before the start of the quiz that will not count towards your teams score. The quiz starts with an introduction at 7pm.

Can I save a seat for a friend?
Tables are allocated prior to the start of the quiz. You will find your team name on the table.

Is there a minimum age?
No..... However we would suggest this is not an event for those much under 13. All video content will be 12 or lower.

How do I book a ticket for the event?
At this link.

Bookings will also be taken by Russell and Donna Hack over the phone or in person. This option is only for friends and family, as we don’t wish to publish our number online.

Can I pay by card?

We try to discourage this as a fee gets taken by the card company. Please get in contact if you would like to pay by card. We much prefer cash on the day.

When is the full amount due?
The full amount is due by the start of the quiz on 2nd June.

Event Information

Is this a Church event?
Volunteers of the church run the event and do a fantastic job!

Will there be a Bible Round?

We reserve the right to ask any questions we so please. Previous years have featured odd questions from the Bible in the General Knowledge rounds but nothing more than this.

How do I get to SJR?
Details can be found here. There is a car park to the rear of the church that you are welcome to use for the event.

How long will the quiz last?

Our Quiz lasts roughly two and a quarter hours with a couple of breaks built in.  Rounds maybe added and deducted to ensure that we finish before 9-15pm.

Is there free public Wi-Fi?
Yes. The church has Free Wifi that will be disabled during the event to prevent cheating.

Can I take photographs during the event?

You are welcome to take photos at the event but please do not use flash photography as it is very off-putting! Having mobiles out during question rounds will mean points deductions!!

Can I bring food and drink with me to the Big Quiz?
Any food or drink can be bought along as long as it is non-alcoholic. We offer very reasonably priced food and drinks on the day and hope you will purchase them to support the organisations.

The Church has a strict no alcohol policy and reserves the right to ask anyone who disregards this rule to leave with no refund.

Do you provide a free food buffet?
We have taken the decision to remove the table buffet as we found most people would rather just come for the quiz and bring their own snacks or buy it from our shop.

I have an access requirement, who should I get in touch with about attending the event?
Please make sure this is specified on the booking form. The quiz is on the ground floor so should be accessible to all.

I’m hard of hearing, how can I access an event?
There is a Loop system in place. Please switch your hearing aid to the T setting.

I'm a wheelchair user, how can I access an event?
Please make sure this is specified on the booking form. The quiz is on the ground floor so should be accessible to all so I can’t see this being a problem.

My question isn’t covered.. Who do I contact?
Use contact me at the bottom of this website.

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